Tertulia de Memoria 2019


Palacio de Memoria hosts is first heritage weekend series, “ Tertulia de Memoria,” on July 27 and 28th. The two-day event will cover areas with the renewed sense of heritage appreciation. Key topics presented will be on adaptive re-use, restoration, and cultural appropriation. The daily conversations will be capped by special movie screenings of restored and re-mastered Filipino movies.

“Our goal is to provide a space where art and mind intersect. The Palacio’s rich history, and our commitment to tell the Filipino cultural narrative is the foundation of our mission at the Palacio. Yes, it may be an event space, but it sets the mise en scene for telling our rich history, and the glory of Manila."


The "tertulia" is a soiree, or evening party that has for decades been akin to gatherings of literary, artistic and cultural interchange. Considered as the pre-social media exchange of ideas that lead to independent thinking and launching movements. Derived from the Spanish language, these gatherings held in homes or public salons provided a venue for extensive discourse.

In Philippine history, tertulias led to the Propaganda Movement that let reform minded illustrados – like Jose Rizal – to move for the end of the Spanish Colonial rule and discover the beginnings of freedom. The Philippines, like all Spanish colonies, experienced this desire. The gathering of likeminded indivduals served as the informal platform for sharing expertise and the expansion of knowledge. The Palacio is therefore the ideal venue to continue the discourse about the Filipino in changing socio-political times.


Tertulia de Memoria was on view from July 27, 2019 - July 28, 2019 at Palacio de Memoria.